Animals On Death Row

Please note: owners have 7 full working days to claim their lost pet. Any animals not claimed can be rescued adopted. If interested in adopting an dog in this album, please go to, read the stipulations for adoption (first) and then fill out a contact form under "dogs/puppies in Okinawa". Where it is asks which dog/puppy you are interested, please put the "last day for owner to claim" and picture number of the dog. We do not work at the Okinawa Prefecture Animal Control Center. These albums are "courtesy posts" for the animals that have been brought into the center by animal control off base. The center does NOT have any prior history on any animal that arrives there as they are lost/stray dogs. There are no guarantees on temperament or health of any animal adopted from Ozato. We only get limited time whenever we go to the center to check animals out. Adopting a dog/puppy directly from Ozato is not for people who want a cheap/free dog that is already trained and won't need any work. There is no adoption fee, however adopters have to take care of all necessary veterinary care (both routine and non-routine) and will have a timeline to get it all accomplished and send in documentation. Ozato is NOT a shelter or an adoption center. They do not do any temperament testing or health checks. There are NO RETURNS. Sofa Status members are asked to NOT go to Ozato or call Ozato on their own.