Name: Rena

Age:10 year old

Sex: Female

Size (when full grown): now down to a  healthy 69 pounds

Breed: Labrador Retriever 

Personality: ​Very friendly and laid back 

Energy Level: Low 

Vetting completed before adoption: ​Fully vetted

Vetting that will need to be done after adoption by the new owner: monthly preventatives, needs daily Carprofen (anti-inflammatory) and Tramadol (pain medication) for her arthritis.  She is also on daily joint supplement (Dasuquin).  

Heartworm status: Negative

House and crate trained: Yes and does not need to be crated when left alone

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $100.

Other:  Rena was rescued in the summer of 2013 and was adopted but came back to us in September 2015 where she has been in foster care.  She would really love to have her own home.  Rena is just one of those dogs that will make your heart melt with her beautiful eyes and wonderful personality. She just wants a nice comfy bed, to be near you and a short walk or two each day.   She would love to have a canine buddy (calm one) but not absolutely necessary for her to be happy.  She needs to go to a home where she does not need to go up/down any stairs as she does have arthritis.  She is on daily Rimadyl (about $1.50/day) for pain (due to arthritis) and Dasuquin (joint supplement) which is about $13/month. 

Name: Flacco

Age: 5.5 years old

Sex: Male

Size (when full grown): Medium; 40 pound range

Breed:  Shiba mix

Personality: ​Loves people but is shy.  He would likely benefit being in a home with another dog.    Flacco does not like a lot of activity or noise and tends to get stressed out in these situations.  He would do best in a calm home with adults only or older children (10+).  He needs plenty of exercise.  

Energy Level: Medium to high

Vetting completed before adoption: ​Fully vetted including vaccinations, micro-chip, neuter and monthly preventatives.  Vetting that will need to be done after adoption by the new owner:  monthly preventatives 

Heart worm status: Negative 

House and crate trained: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes +10 years old.  He is not keen on the noise and quick movements of small children.

Adoption fee: $110

Other: Flacco was adopted as a very young puppy and has only had that one owner. He was returned due to no fault of his own. He needs a family willing to PCS with him. 

Flacco also needs a dog experienced family willing to provide him with exercise, struction and attention.  He would benefit from obedience training so he could become a more confident dog.  

Dogs/Puppies In Japan

Name:  Tessa

Age:  estimated at 8  years old
Gender:  female
Size:  currently weighs in the 60 pound range
Breed:  Labrador Retriever  
Energy level:  medium
Vetting completed before adoption :  combo vaccine, Rabies vaccine, micro-chip, fecal check, heart worm test, spay, eye surgery for Entropion, dental cleaning
Vetting that will need to be done after adoption by the new owner:  monthly preventatives
Heartworm status:  positive. Hoping to be able to pay for Immitcide treatment if we can raise the funds but only if she is adopted by an family in Okinawa.  Immiticide is not available on the mainland.  
House & crate trained: YES!
Good with dogs:  yes 
Good with cats:  yes
Good with children:  yes and would love to be in a home with children.  She is the perfect "Nanny" dog.  

Adoption fee:  $300  
Other: a very sweet girl that would make a wonderful family  member.  She is wonderful with children!

Name: Charlie 

Age: 4-5 YEARS 


Size (when full grown): Medium

Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier mix

Personality: ​friendly and a bit dominant

​Energy Level: Medium to high

Vetting completed before adoption: ​Combo shot, heart worm test, fecal, neuter,  micro-chip, heart guard and frontline .  He has also done a 30 day course of Doxycycline.  

Vetting that will need to be done after adoption by the new owner: Rabies and  monthly preventatives 

Heartworm status: Positive (is being managed with Doxycycline and Heartgard).  Needs to be on exercise restriction until he tests negative.   

House and crate trained: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes - same size or smaller and a submissive female would be best.  

Good with cats: being fostered with a cat and learning to live with one.  

Good with kids: Older children or no children 

Adoption fee: $275

Other: The right home for Charlie would be one with very experienced dog owners that are willing to put time, work and effort into continuing his training so that he can be successful. A home without children would be best but older children (10+) that are dog saavy would also be okay. Charlie needs structure and a routine, and he needs limits. If he does not get that structure, he will take advantage. He seems to do okay with other dogs but a female smaller dog that is submissive may be the best bet for him.