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HARLEY - CHOCOLATE LABRADOR RETRIEVER.  Being fostered in the Washington, DC area.  



Gender:                       male
Size:                               small - 19 pounds   
Breed:                          Poodle mix?  Maybe some Westie or Shih Tzu in there.  
Age:                               estimated at 17 months
Good with dogs:     yes!  needs to go to a home with another younger, friendly, smallish                                                           playful dog.                
Good with cats:         Yes  
Good with children:    yes but he prefers older, calmer children.  He does not like a lot of                                                              noise or quick movements.  He gets scared/startled easily.   So                                                                    probably 10+.           
Energy level:                    medium.  Chewie lives to go on walks.  He is currently getting 4 to 6                                                       miles a day in two walks and he leads the pack.  The walks help him to                                                    build confidence and overcome some of his fears.   
Vetting accomplished:          all vaccines,   rabies vaccine, micro-chip, bordatella, neutered,                                                                                            monthly preventatives                                                                       
Vetting after adoption:       monthly preventatives.  
Heartworm status:                negative  
House broken:                         yes
Crate trained:                           yes but doesn't need to be crated.  He doesn't chew on                                                                                          inappropriate things or get into trouble
leashed trained:                Chewie is not keen on being walked where there is a lot of traffic -                                                            cars, people, other dogs, etc.  He's quite skittish and doesn't like to                                                          be close to people, even the person holding the leash.  He does                                                                   much better at a park where there are trails or open fields so he can                                                       explore and have some distance from the person holding the leash.  

Fenced yard needed?          Chewie does not self-exercise (run around the yard) but if he's                                                                   going to be outside, he needs to either be on a leash, a tether, or                                                                 in a physical fenced yard.  He could not be trusted with an                                                                             electric or underground fence.  He's too skittish and if he gets                                                                     spooked, he'll try and run and likely would run through the                                                                            electric barrier.   
basic obedience:                      in progress.  Knows sit, stay, come.  Working on some other                                                                          commands.   
other information:                 Chewie is really a very easy dog, but he needs the right home to                                                                be successful and to blossom.  His "fur-ever" family should be                                                                      patient and be willing to give him time to be comfortable and                                                                      progress will be slow at times.   Chewie's new home MUST have                                                                another younger, small dog that is friendly and confident that                                                                      can  help Chewie learn and to help him feel safe.  He also needs a                                                              family willing to get him out for a couple of long walks daily (1.5                                                                to 2 miles each walk).  

Adoption fee is $600    

HARLEY  - Needs experienced owner

Available in the Washington, DC area (within a 2.5 hour radius)
Gender:  male neutered

Age:  7 years old (born 1/3/2012)  

Size:  large - 95 pounds.  Harley is a tall boy.  

Breed:  Labrador Retriever  (American style)  

Energy level:  high energy - needs an active family willing to provide him with plenty of exercise.    Currently getting about 4 to 6 miles a day.   * Harley is getting 2 long walk/runs daily of about 2.5 to 3 miles each time.    A home on the water or a home with a pool would also suit him just fine as he loves water and loves to swim.  
Vetting completed before adoption :  combo vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Bordatella, Lyme vaccine, Lepto vaccine, neuter, heart worm negative, monthly preventatives, micro-chip

Vetting that will need to be done after adoption by the new owner:  monthly preventatives
Heartworm status:  negative  
House & crate trained:  yes to both.  Harley is  trustworthy when he is not crated when no one is home but the house has to be be "dog proofed" especially counters.  Harley is a counter surfer.  **  This is provided that Harley gets the exercise that he needs.  If he doesn't he may "make his own fun" when no one is home.  
Good with dogs:  best as an only dog.  Harley is a resource guarder around other dogs and while he has gotten much better since he has been in foster care with our rescue, he has a better chance of being successful in his new  home if he didn't have to share - food, toys, attention, etc.   Harley was not well-socialized as a puppy unfortunately and he can be quite jealous.  
Good with cats:  NO!     
Good with children:  best in a home without children or any children that visit regularly.  He could possibly go to a home with teenagers that have common sense.      
Adoption fee:  $350

Other:      Harley knows several basic commands and walks well on the leash.     He does have a high prey drive though so attention needs to be paid to critters on walks (deer, squirrels, rabbits, etc.) as Harley will pull to try and chase.   Harley would be a really good indoor guard dog.  He alerts on a lot of things and his bark can be quite loud and intimidating.  He would not be good for apartment or shared wall living situations.  He needs to go to a stand-alone house and a physically fenced yard.  He doesn't self-exercise so the yard doesn't have to be that big but he could not be trusted with underground or electric fences.    An ideal home would have acreage that he could roam on in a rural setting.  

Harley is a very loyal and loving dog and he is very people oriented, however the best home for him would be adults only and a calmer/quiet environment without a lot of changes or activity.  Harley does best when there is not a lot of stress in the house.   He can get overstimulated when there is too much activity or noise.  



Gender:                                        male
Size:                                                medium - 48 pounds. 
Breed:                                            Shiba mix.  Not sure what he's mixed with.  Maybe Shepherd, Doberman,                                                                  Border Collie or?? 
Age:                                                 estimated around 3 to 3.5 years old
Good with dogs:                       most dogs.  Does better with females than males, does not do well with                                                                    dominant dogs or barky/growly dogs.    Does not like intact male dogs.                                                                       He would love to find just the  right play mate because he does enjoy                                                                              playing.    His brand of play can be a bit rough so his play buddy should                                                                     be sturdy.  He plays really well with the foster family's female Lab.  
Good with cats:                        Yes but may be a bit too interested in them.  
Good with children:               yes - older (10+) because he is a door dasher.  Small children would not be                                                               able to protect the door very well and prevent him from getting out of                                                                       the house.  Because  he  is a Shiba mix, his urge to escape is high and he                                                                     will run if he gets out and will only  come back when he's good and                                                                                 ready.  
Energy level:                               very high.  Loves a couple of good walks daily  (at least 2 to 3 miles                                                                                                    each time).   He is currently getting about 6 miles a day of walks.                                                                                    He would make a good running buddy.   Kai also loves to play.  
Vetting accomplished:          all vaccines,   rabies vaccine, micro-chip, bordatella, neutered,                                                                                            monthly preventatives                                                                                       
Vetting after adoption:       monthly preventatives.  
Heartworm status:                negative  
House broken:                         yes
Crate trained:                           yes but doesn't really like the crate.  If he's left out of the crate when no                                                                   one is  home, he is generally well behaved and doesn't chew.    
leashed trained:                       yes but needs a bit more work.  He does pull but has gotten quite a bit                                                                         better.   We are working on some things during walks.  He can be leash                                                                     reactive with other dogs.  

fenced yard needed?            YES!  needs to be at least 4 foot tall and dog proofed.  He could likely climb                                                                a chain link  fence so that won't work for him.  Kai would probably do                                                                          great with a doggie door and access to a fenced back yard  most of the                                                                     day but only when someone is home.  His urge to escape (being a Shiba,                                                                   he can climb and can dig) is high and if he is left outside when no one is                                                                     home, he likely will not be there when his people return.  

basic obedience:                      in progress.  Knows sit, stay, wait, eat, come.  Working on down and heel                                                                    right now. 

other information:                 Kai would do best in a home with an active family that would be willing to                                                                    get him out  for a couple of good walks/daily.  He enjoys spending time                                                                      with the family members   and had a really strong bond with the                                                                                    previous foster's children.    He can be quite the cuddler and nap buddy.

Adoption fee is $300    

​Kai likely needs an experienced owner or a least someone willing to invest the time and $$ into training.